Here I will list the schemes, workshops, and lectures I attended outside of UAL/CSM to further my knowledge in Set & Costume Design as a career and practice.

Maison Foo Theatre Company: Meet Your Neighbour Project
Mentored by Sam Wilde
May 2021 - ongoing

Jermyn Street Theatre x MASTERCLASS: Mentorship Scheme 
Mentored by Neil Irish
Apr-Jun 2021

Mawhinny, Caitlin & Whitehad, Alys, & Akil, Jida “Fees vs Expectations” Young Vic Genesis Network x Whitecard Collective. 3 Jun 2021. Lecture.

Whiting, Rosie “Why is Costume Important?” SBTD. 20 May 2021. Lecture.

Scotcher, Joanna & Bradshaw, Frankie “New models, streaming and the designer: Theatre making and design for the future” SBTD. 22 Apr 2021. Lecture. 

Lau, Anthony & Stuart, Will “Working with music and song in a digital/theatre hybrid world” Young Vic Genesis Network. 21 Apr 2021. Lecture

SCENE-CHANGE “Women in Theatre: What is the best practice?” SCENE-CHANGE. 20 Apr 2021. Lecture. 

Mitchell, Katie “Katie Mitchell on Creative Team Collaborations” Young Vic Genesis Network. Online. 8 Mar 2021. Lecture.

Lindsay, Katrina & Smith, Rae & Hall, Ruth “Costume Design - From Research to Realisation” Young Vic Genesis Network x SCENE-CHANGE. 4 Mar 2021. Lecture. 

Laight, Ryan “Mark Making” Backstage Design Workshops. Online. 28 Feb 2021. Workshop. 

Lindsay, Katrina & Lemaître, Sabine “An Evening With: Katrina Lindsay & Sabine Lemaître” Citea. Online. 18 Feb 2021. Lecture.

Fleischle, Anna & Gilmour, Soutra “How to develop our language around space“ Young Vic Genesis Network x SCENE-CHANGE. Online. 15 Feb 2021. Lecture

Laight, Ryan “ILLUSTRATION: broader strokes” Backstage Design Workshops. Online. 31 Jan 2021. Workshop.

Van Der Sluijs, Teunkie.  “Script Reading for Theatre” Young Vic Genesis Network. Online. 27 January 2021. Lecture.

Punkt Collective. “Role of the Dramaturg in the Devising Process” Young Vic Genesis Network. Online. 8 Dec 2020. Lecture.

Egan, Hayley. “Engaging with Video Design” Young Vic Genesis Network. Online. 19 Oct 2020. Lecture. 

Van Der Sluijs, Teunkie. “Visual Storytelling for Stage & Screen” Young Vic Genesis Network. Online. 8 Oct 2020. Lecture

Tang, Jennifer & Tran, Moi. “Director/Designer Workshop” Young Vic Genesis Network. Online. 4-30 Sep 2020. Workshop. 

Smith, Rae. “Set Design with Rae Smith” Roundhouse. Online. 3 Sep 2020. Lecture. 


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