A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Stafford Gatehouse Theatre, 2023
Writer: William Shakespeare
Director: Sean Turner
Composer: Stamatis Seraphim
Choreography: Chris Whittaker

Costume Design: Jida Akil
Set Design: Anna Phillips
Lighting Design: Barry Smith

Sound Design: Holly Khan
Associate Sound Design: Hattie North

Costume Supervisor: Emily Midgley
Propmaker: Grace Cummins
Company Stage Manager: Wesley Carter
Deputy Stage Manager: Jazmyne Evans
Producer/Production Manager: Mike Groves

Starring: Kerry Ellis, Jonathan Hyde, Dan Burton

︎︎︎︎ “Jida Akil’s costume designs are wonderful, keeping the mortals rooted in the period, while the fairy folk are more akin to the gods of Olympus.”
-Bum on a Seat

Photos: Gatehouse Theatre

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