Just Another Soup Can

Platform Theatre, 2020
(devised digital theatre)

Devising & Design: Jida Akil, Isis Hurley-Jones, Inigo Townsend
Video Design, Animation & Programming: Jida Akil Directing: Isis Hurley-Jones, Inigo Townsend

This pre-recorded live performance was a co-devised and co-designed piece inspired by the process of Imitating The Dog's "Airlock" (BBC iplayer). Socially distant actors were live composited onto hand painted and animated backdrops using Isadora.
The final outcome, a short film of sorts, retells the true events of Andy Warhol's shooting in 1968. However, we have chosen to tell the story through Valerie Solanas' point of view by exploring her anger at the art world, as well as her feminism in the SCUM manifesto. Each tableaux, or scene, is inspired by classic films as Solanas travels through her subconscious that drives her motives.

"Just Another Soup Can" was selected for and screened online at the Thornhill Theatre Festival in February 2021.

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