The Garden of Sedum

UK Schools Tour, Complicité, 2021
(devised theatre)

Devised & Performed by:
Jack Harrold
Joyce Henderson
Meghan Treadway
Set & Costume Design: Jida Akil
Lighting & Stage Manager Matt Llewellyn Smith

Video Capture: Joe Payne and Sophie Huggins Producer: Natalie Raaum for Complicité

The Garden of Sedum is based on a blog post about the rooftop garden at IKEA Greenwich. It touches on themes of sustainability, eco-diversity, and nature preservation.

Devised as part of the Complicité Do A-Level Drama project. During this process, a group of devisers/performers of various career-stages undertook the devising unit of A-Level drama condensed into 2 weeks. After roughly 20 hours of devising, the performances toured to schools across London & Hertfordshire. The performances were also successfully created following the Theatre Green Book (Advanced level). 

Photos: Joe Payne and Sophie Huggins

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